MFD> MFD Teleconference, Thursday 1/15 3:00 EDT

MFD> MFD Teleconference, Thursday 1/15 3:00 EDT

MFD> MFD Teleconference, Thursday 1/15 3:00 EDT

Zehler, Peter Peter.Zehler at
Tue Jan 13 14:57:15 EST 2009


There will be an MFD conference call at 3:00 PM EDT (12:00 PM PDT) this


Note the NEW Teleconference number and access code are now used.

Please contact me if you do not have the new number and pass code.



1. Identify Minute Taker

2. Approval of minutes from last teleconference 

3. Agenda bashing 

4. Data types discussion for Scan Service 

      a) Is the information in the document (summarized in table below)

      b) Shall we proceed with a second PWG Last Call? 

5. Discuss Storage subunit Description elements

      a) Is a StorageInfo element required?  And if so what is the
difference between it and StorageUnitDescription

      b) Is StorageDataEncryption element needed?  If so the encryption
algorithm and key size represented?

      c) Is StorageURI required for NetworkStorage subunits?

6.  Approve the list of Storage Types.  See list below.        

7. Next steps


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New data type content from Scan Specification:


Used throughout the model to indicate the location for vendor extension
points.  Vendors wishing to extend the model may do so at these points.


Data type consisting of two possible values: 'true' and 'false'


This data type is used to indicate the associated element is a container
for multiple elements.


A string of characters that represent a year, month, day, hour, minute,
second and timezone.  The data type is derived from the ISO definition
[ISO 8601:2000 Second Edition].  The lexical representation is described
in [XSD] 
see <>


A data type carrying binary data where each octet in encoded as its
hexadecimal value


A 32 bit signed integer

list of int

An unordered set of 32 bit signed integers

range of int

A complex type consisting of the elements "upperBound" and "lowerBound"
which are both 32 bit signed integers


An ASCII string representing a single enumeration value.  The characters
that may be used in the keyword are letters, digits, colon(:), hyphen(-)
and underscore(_).  Vendor extended keywords must be qualified with a
prefix of valid characters except the colon(:), followed by the colon
(:) and then vendors extended keyword.  This data type is a subset of
XML's NMTOKEN data type [XML]


list of keyword

An unordered set of keywords


A UTF-8 encoded string of UniCode characters. [rfc3629], [UNICODE]

list of string

An unordered set of strings


A string containing a URI as defined in [rfc3986]

list of URI

An unordered set of URIs

URI Scheme

A URI scheme as defined in [rfc3986] and registered in [rfc4395]

list of URI scheme

An unordered set of URI Schemes



            <xs:simpleType name="StorageTypeWKV">

                        <xs:restriction base="xs:NMTOKEN">

                                    <xs:maxLength value="255"/>

                                    <xs:enumeration value="RAM"/>

                                    <xs:enumeration value="NVRam"/>


                                    <xs:enumeration value="FlashCard"/>

                                    <xs:enumeration value="HardDisk"/>


                                    <xs:enumeration value="ramDisk"/>

                                    <xs:enumeration value="CD"/>

                                    <xs:enumeration value="DVD"/>


                                    <xs:enumeration value="floppyDisk"/>




                                    <xs:enumeration value="Other"/>





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