[MFD] RE: Print (mark) content Region definition

[MFD] RE: Print (mark) content Region definition

[MFD] RE: Print (mark) content Region definition

William Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
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Yes, it is not particularly clear without a production printing background. On one hand, I wonder whether it really belongs in the Overall MFD document, especially since it would seem that this is a production printing type concept that will not apply in your typical MFD. On the other hand, these elements are in the MFD schema, which is not very long on explanations; and I am considering (perhaps incorrectly) the Overall MFD document a guide to the schema as well as an umbrella for aspects common to the individual Service specifications.


I am working on this as much (probably more) to clarify certain issues in my mind as to establish an overall design philosophy (which I am not the person to define). I would certainly be open to comment on what should be covered and what should best be left as an exercise.




Bill Wagner

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Bill, that is a huge mouthful. 

Sounds to me like Finished-Page-Image-Cell should have been named Imposed-Page-Image-Cell (Finished implies trimmed, for example, which could affect where things appear to have ended up on the sheet w.r.t. various margins). 

I understand why the MFD model wants to describe basic capabilities and limitations of the device and its services but, are we going too far by delving into concepts (such as content positioning) which are most frequently controlled by the PDL? 


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P Think before you print 

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[MFD] RE: Print (mark) content Region definition



OK, I delved further into the Production Printing Attributes document. At least to a non Production Printing person, these are arcane attributes but do correspond to  elements that we have in the model. 
At first look I was  interpreting “Image” as Content Area. But  positioning the image first must consider the concepts of Finished-Page-Image Cell and Imposition.  Since the Finished-Page-Image Cell  is defined as the region on the surface of a sheet where the Finished-Page Image is placed, maybe this is the Content Region? Reading further,  “When imposition is not applied, the Finished-Page-Image Cell coincides with the entire surface of one side of the sheet. When imposition is applied, a) the sheet is partitioned into multiple non-overlapping Finished-Page-Image Cells, typically in a rectangular grid, and b) the area near the edges of the sheet may not belong to any Finished-Page-Image Cell.” So the Finished-Page-Image Cell in one case is the entire sheet surface (and does not consider engine margins) and in the other case is a grid used for addressing the placement of the image. 
So “Image”  (or Finished-Page Image) is what is positioned and  may correspond to Content Region. Except the “image” attributes appear to only position the image, with the coordinate system for the Image Shifting attributes being relative to the Finished-Page-Image Cell.  That is, the dimensions of the image are determined by the PDL (and, realistically, limited by the margins). 
Even the positioning (or “shifting”) of the image is not a simple question of x and y offset. 
“… the Printer first positions the Finished-Page Image [I assume relative to the origin of an identified Finished-Page-Image Cell ] using the values it obtains for the “x-image-position” and “y-image-position” attributes. Then it shifts the Finished-Page Image by the amount it obtains for the “x-image-shift” and “y-image-shift” attributes. Finally, for a Finished-Page Image that would be placed on the front side of a sheet in the Finished Document, it shifts the Finished-Page Image by the amount it obtains for the “x-side1-image-shift” and “y-side1-image-shift”. For a Finished-Page Image that would be placed on the back side of a sheet in the Finished Document, it shifts the Finished-Page Image by the amount it obtains for the “x-side2-image-shift” and “y-side2-image-shift” attributes” 
Bottom line, for the MFD overall, the questions are: 
1.     Margins are defined relative to the media edges, and the content region cannot extend into the margin areas (if the content that would occur in those areas  is to be printed.) However, Margins are device (or subunit) elements, not Service elements . Therefore,  should these be discussed under  Scan and Marker Subunit Media Content Coordinates? 
2.     Do we want to define the coordinate system for Services using “Mark” or “Print”? The elements: 
a.     ImpositionTemplate 
b.     XImagePosition 
c.     XImageShift 
d.     XSide1ImageShift 
e.     XSide2ImageShift 
f.      YImagePosition 
g.     YImageShift 
h.     YSide1ImageShift 
are included in the model, and perhaps we need to define them and the coordinate system which they utilize. Certainly we need to distinguish the marking origin as the NW corner of the Media. 
3.     The MFD model has “Scan Region” and “Copy Region” elements, but no Content Region. Are we going to change that? The elements above are defined at the same level as Scan Region, not as subelements of a Mark Region element (otherwise known as the Finished-Page Image). Also, the Mark Region  can be shifted, but unlike Scan Regions, its size appears determined by the PDL, not the Job Ticket. 
4.     Is the Copy (Service) Region the same as the Scan Region? 
Just a few questions. 
Bill Wagner 
From: William Wagner [mailto:wamwagner at comcast.net] 
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Subject: Print (mark) content Region definition 
The attributes I see in the Production Printing Attributes document that appear to correspond to content region definition are: 
But I have difficulty correlating these to what one might normally identify as: 
Content Region Origin  X Offset 
Content Region X Dimension 
Content Region Origin  Y Offset 
Content Region Y Dimension 
Could someone with a Production Attributes understanding enlighten me? 
Bill Wagner 

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