[MFD] MFD Overall spec update

[MFD] MFD Overall spec update

[MFD] MFD Overall spec update

William Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Thu Jun 4 20:50:31 UTC 2009


An updated version of the MFD overall spec is posted at
ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/mfd/wd/wd-mfdoverallmod10-20090605.pdf and


Most of the  significant changes and additions are redlined.

I have been told something to the effect of an increased scope of the
document in dealing with System, but that awaits discussion at the
face-to-face (perhaps a co-author would like to volunteer).


I remain unsure in some areas, and have yellow-highlighted some issues.
These are outlined below:

Issues and Notes on MFD Overall June 5 version.

1.     References will be added later

2.     Table of Contents format will be made to agree with Resource document
when content is stable

3.     Unsure what to do about Datatype normative references (IDS Attributes
discussion), but have added paragraph on datatypes

4.     Terminology: any more terms?

5.     Service Coordinates: list of questions. Do we want to define
production printing co-ordinate system? The elements are in the  model.

6.     FaxModem Elements: do we agree? What about ItuStatistics? References?

7.     Processors: Questions. What are ramifications of following in last
concall notes

Processors does not belong in Services, should be in Overall system instead.

a.	Services normally is a user process which does not have privilege to
obtain a view on OS-level processor load information, does not know which
processor it is running on (this is normally controlled by OS
transparently), and would have no way to obtain processor error information
when processor has an error.
b.	Should other Processor subunit properties such as DeviceDescr,
DeviceStatus, DeviceError be modeled in Processor subunit?

                                                               i.      This
will be evolved in the on-going MFD Overall spec, not in Resource Service

8.     Table 22. Note "Caused by" entry for end of JobProcessing state

9.     Table 30 and elsewhere, certain "Keyword Groups" are unclear or
unspecified. Is ContentTypeType valid? DestinationUriSchemes is not listed
as an element, no keyword reference

10.  Table 31: WillBeCompletedWhenTicket not listed as an element in schema.

11.  Table 33 and elsewhere. Keyword group listed as NMTOKEN, none or
<Simple Type Union>. Where are keywords?

12.  Table 39: CompressionFactor not listed as element; are JobPriority and
JobSaveDisposition elements in the Job Ticket Document Processing set or
JobProcessing set?. Is Rotation an int or a keyword?

13.  Fig 33. May want to replace with Spy Pic

14.  SystemStatus  Summary Status?

15.  Table 47. RestartAllServices ??

16.  What to add to System?




Bill Wagner

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