[MFD] Observations on Copy Spec Operations

[MFD] Observations on Copy Spec Operations

[MFD] Observations on Copy Spec Operations

wamwagner at comcast.net wamwagner at comcast.net
Wed Dec 9 21:29:07 UTC 2009

There are some discrepancies  between operations in the  overall spec and the copy spec. 

1.      Operations accessible to Administrator and Users were called Basic operations. The Copy spec calls them User Operations. 

2.      The Overall spec identifies an operation as CancelMy<service>Jobs with JobIDs as an optional argument. The Copy service identifies CancelMy<service>Job with JobID as a parameter 

3.      The Overall identifies CancelCopyJob and CancelMyCopyJobs as Basic Opereations and CancelCopyJobs as an Administrative operation. In the Copy spec CancelCopyJobs is listed as a User operation. Although we talked about   a Copy Service User being considered an administrator for certain operations, should we redefine a administrator operation as Basic operation for a particular service? Perhaps more significantly, is there any advantage (or desirability) in making CancelCopyJobs accessible to a walk up User especially since CancelMyCopyJobs is already accessible? 

4.      The Copy spec does not include SetCopyJobElements operation. Should it? 

5.      The Overall Spec identifies the following administrative operations not included in the Copy spec. Cancel<service>Jobs, , HoldNew<service>Jobs, Pause<service>ServiceAfterCurrentJob, ReleaseNew<service>Jobs. Should they? 



Bill Wagner 

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