[MFD] Dec. 8-9 Face-to-Face Meeting Minutes is now available

[MFD] Dec. 8-9 Face-to-Face Meeting Minutes is now available

[MFD] Dec. 8-9 Face-to-Face Meeting Minutes is now available

William Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Tue Jan 5 19:00:19 UTC 2010


1.     Line 51 in the minutes: There is no document ticket, only job ticket
containing document processing instructions. I had noted not to indicate
that a job may contain a one or more Document Tickets. But if a Job cannot
contain any Document Tickets, I wonder where document tickets get associated
with the documents in a job?

2.     The resolution of StorageMakeAndModel reference is not noted. I
recall a reference to the HR MIB and the Printer MIB, but I can find this
object in neither.

3.      We restricted GetDocumentElements , GetJobElements  and Get
ServiceElements to accept a restricted set of complex elements as an
argument (DocumentReceipt, DocumentStatus or DocumentTicket; JobReceipt,
JobStatus, or JobTicket; ServiceCapabilities, ServiceConfiguration,
ServiceDescription, ServiceStatus or DefaultJobTicket, respectively). The
operations would then presumably return all of the elemental elements &

o   The December minutes suggest that the elements of MediaCol, a complex
constituent appearing several places in ServiceCapabilities and JobTicket
would not  be returned because  it  included too many objects.  Is this the
way we specify  these operations?

o   How about the SetXXXElements operations? Does the  client send all
element values (!!) or just the specific elements to be set? 

o   If the latter, are elements to be set identified by the  full path of
complex elements above them (since element names are not unique)?


Bill Wagner


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