[MFD] Re: MFD Service Operations

[MFD] Re: MFD Service Operations

[MFD] Re: MFD Service Operations

Nancy.Chen at okidata.com Nancy.Chen at okidata.com
Tue Mar 30 23:23:07 UTC 2010

Hi Bill,

Thanks again for the updated "MFD Service Operations" with clearly marked 
issues for discussion in the upcoming meeting.

In many of our previous MFD meetings, we worked hard to come to basic 
consensus on whether a service operation is "REQUIRED", or "OPTIONAL".  I 
think the document should reflect these working group status, as a good 
basis for further discussions.  It's not a final draft of course, anybody 
can still challenge what have agreed so far. 

I recommend that you follow the convention set in the Copy Service 
specification which is in WG Last Call, by "bold" face the "REQUIRED" 
operations and input/output parameters to reflect the current working 
group progresses. The rest are OPTIONAL.

Again, thanks for helping us making progress,


"William Wagner" <wamwagner at comcast.net> 
03/30/2010 06:30 PM

<mfd at pwg.org>
<Nancy.Chen at okidata.com>
MFD Service Operations

In response to Nancy's comments , I have reposted the Service Operations
text in

ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/mfd/white/ServiceOperations-20100330.pdf  and


There are NO changes to the text content.

One reason why this has been extracted as a separate "white" paper 
rather than included as part of the "overall" spec is to allow 
on this particular and very important aspect of the MFD services. I have
modified this section extensively, and have approached it as a new 
because the changes have been continuing for a long period as the various
services are considered and as IPP has added operations. Therefore,  there
is a definite possibility of errors in continuity and inter-relation.
Although I appreciate the added effort necessary, I therefore also request
that this section be reviewed in its entirety, not just for what the 

Except for one brand new table, I have not flagged changes. As I have
indicated previously, I believe that in enough cases the general MFD
operation must be considered differently from the IPP precursor operation
because of the Print specific nature of the IPP Precursor. I believe that
the MFD document should be able to stand on its own in this area.
Considering the general nature of the MFD Overall document, it is not
obvious how detailed the operation description can or needs to be, and 
is a subject for discussion.

In some cases where I am unsure of the information I have been given, I 
put in remarks. I have formatted the PDF with balloon remarks so that the
remarks are visible ( with apologies to those who can't abide balloons).

Red highlights are mainly markers for me noting that cross references are
bad as a result of extracting this from the larger document.

Other highlights have been removed.

I appreciate constructive comments and anticipate that this section will 
reviewed with problems resolved at the 6 April face-to-face meeting.


Bill Wagner

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Thanks for your document update. I think many people are like me are
scratching their heads guessing and trying to understand the meaning of
various color markings in your document. Would you please do the 
so that WG members can easily review and provide comments for your latest
update to "Service Operations"?

1. Please provide a "WORD" version so that we can make comments right in 

2. Please explain your intent for the highlights in different colors. I 
very much what Tom Hasting did for us in his IPP JPS2 draft. There is 
explanation of the different color highlights at the beginning of the
document before we proceed to read. Could you follow what Tom is doing for
IPP Working Group, so that we can provide very good review for your 
without trying to guess what kind of comments you are expecting at those
markings. Perhaps following Tom's color code would be even better, because
then we don't have to remember different color codes for "consensus",
"issue", "question", "new changes", etc.

3. Please provide the text for your notes that are labeled [W1], [W2], 

Thank you for helping us out,


Nancy Chen
Principal Engineer
Solutions and Technology
Oki Data
2000 Bishops Gate Blvd.
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054
Phone: (856)222-7006
Email: Nancy.Chen at okidata.com

"William Wagner" <wamwagner at comcast.net>
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03/25/2010 12:07 PM


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[MFD] Today's MWD conference call

I noticed that a table was missing in the "operations" section, so I added
it in the attached. No other significant changes. I am looking forward to 
constructive conversation this afternoon.


Bill Wagner

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