[MFD] JobState value error in schema

[MFD] JobState value error in schema

[MFD] JobState value error in schema

Zehler, Peter Peter.Zehler at xerox.com
Thu Apr 15 11:49:27 UTC 2010



The mapping between IPP and the Semantic Model followed a few rules.
The first of those rules was that any IPP attribute or value name that
contained a '-'character  would be changed to an element or value name
that omitted the '-' character and the following letter would be
uppercase.  The exceptions are media related values, document formats
and MIME types.   Most of those values are controlled or registered
outside of the PWG.  Although the original reason for this change no
longer exists (i.e., bugs in early schema and WSDL tools) the convention
is firmly in place in the Semantic Model schema. 


When I  created the schema values for JobState I messed up
"PendingHeld".  In v1 and v2 of the schema the value is "Pending-held".
The MFD specifications use the "PendingHeld" value in their text.  There
are some inconsistencies such as the values in the state transition
diagram lifted from IPP that uses the IPP convention.   The mistake also
made its way into WS-Print.


I would like to correct the mistake now unless there is strong
objections.  It will simplify the programmatic mapping to IPP.  It will
complicate the programmatic mapping to WS-Print.  But given that the
WS-Print added some special values (i.e., "Started", "Terminating") and
WS-Print defined JobState as extensible, I prefer to keep the IPP
mapping simple.


Are there any objections to this change?





Peter Zehler

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