[MFD] WG Last Call MFD Requirments document

[MFD] WG Last Call MFD Requirments document

[MFD] WG Last Call MFD Requirments document

Nancy.Chen at okidata.com Nancy.Chen at okidata.com
Thu May 27 15:43:38 UTC 2010


I have some more comments/issues with the document. My appology for not 
catching these last week.

Terminology ?
Should we have a ?Terminology? section which may simply refer to the 
?Terminology? section of MFD Overall Model and Semantics?
If we refer to the Terminologies defined in MFD Overall Model and 
Semantics, then let's make sure the terminologies used consistent with 
that document throughout and are capitalized.
Otherwise, I recommend to remove those capitalized terms.

Section 1
Line 146 ? "Mulifunction" => missing ?t?.

Section 2.3.3
Line 304 ? leave a space between ?the? and ?commonality?.

Section 3.1
Line 394 ? Is this ?PWG Semantic Model (REF)? referring to PWG Semantic 
Model V2 again? If so, we need to delete it and revise the sentence.

Line 493 ?  delete ?Copy? from "Copy Template Client". The flow steps 
apply to Copy/Scan/FaxOut.

Line 500 - delete ?FaxOut? from "FaxOut Template Client". 

Section 4.3.2 Use Case 2
1) There are actually two separate scenario examples in this section. 
However, the first example seemed being used as the general description of 
this use case.

Suggestion: provide a brief general description of the use case in the 
first paragraph, like how it?s done in Use Case 3. Then give the two  use 
case examples in the following two subsections.

2) In the described scenarios, the user scans/copies/faxes out multiple 
hardcopy documents. It provides detailed flow steps for handling multiple 
hardcopy documents input to scanner.  But the title specifically says 
?Handling ?a? Hardcopy Document??.

Suggestion: how about change the title to ?Handling Hardcopy Document 
Inputs ??

3) Line 512: change a ?given Subunit? to a ?given Scanner Subunit?. I 
don?t believe this scenario  can be generalized to any given subunit.
4) Line 537: change ?Document? to Document(s), or one or more documents.
5) Line 546: the repeated steps should be 9 through 13, not 8 through 12.
6) Line 549: delete the second ?notifies? ? redundant.

Title-  change ?Pausing Copy Service? to ?Pausing Scan Service?

Title-  change ?Pausing Print Service? to ?Pausing Copy Service?

1) In the processing steps, remove ?Scan? or ?Copy? to use a general 
?Service? or ?Job?.
2) Lines 604-605: Break the sentence at an appropriate place.

Section 5.1
Line 693 ? change ?alterate? => ?alternate?

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[MFD] WG Last Call MFD Requirments document

I have posted MS Word and PDF versions of the requirements document with
changes from the 20 May  conference call.


ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/mfd/wd/wd-mfdreq10-20100520-rev.pdf (markup
showing changes)


(the *doc version can be viewed with or without markups)

As decided in the WG conference call, this version is being presented for
MFD working group last call. The intent is that all remaining working 
comments can be addressed and  a stable version presented to the PWG for 
last call overlapping the June Plenary. So please review the document and
send me your comments. Typographical and clarity issues will be dealt with
immediately. Mort substantial questions will be addressed at next week's 
conference call.

Many thanks.

Bill Wagner

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