[MFD] Internationalization Considerations for MFD Requirements document

[MFD] Internationalization Considerations for MFD Requirements document

[MFD] Internationalization Considerations for MFD Requirements document

William Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Mon Jul 19 17:30:47 UTC 2010


I am confounded by the use of the term "future Imaging Services". For
simplicity sake, I had put in your suggestion about "future services" in the
draft sent for last call, and it did elicit some comments. Taken literally
this appears to refer to some "future service" other than Print, Scan, etc
(i.e., the Imaging Services identified in this requirement document) If that
is what is intended, it seems hardly appropriate in a requirements document
for the modeling of these services. If it means to refer to new designs of
devices supporting the addressed Imaging Services, I think that is also
inappropriate. It was my understanding that this requirements document is
supposed to address the requirements for and of the MFD Imaging Services
Models, not some future Imaging Services and not directly for MFDs. And
since it is supposed to precede the document generation, one may assume that
it might be fairly general in its outline. 

If there is insistence on putting something in sections 7 and 8, and if it
is agreed that this may be a general statement, not a summary of things
embedded in the previous sections, then I suggest something like the
following which is derived from corresponding sections of the already
approved  MFD Imaging Service model documents. I might also note that the
Scan and Resource Service Model and Interface documents had no mention of
registration or internationalization (or  security) in the Rationale or
Requirements  sections that were included in the place of a Requirements

Bill Wagner

7	IANA and PWG Considerations 
Once a Imaging Services Model specification and associated schema is
approved and published, the registration of extensions to the Service model
defined in that specification will require a revision to that specification.
Vendors may use extensions in their own namespace until such time as an
update to the specification is under review. 

8	Internationalization Considerations
The Imaging Services Model specifications will identify element values
defined by enumerations (e.g. State) that represent keywords. Keywords are
never localized by the device. A <service> Client may convert the values
into a form acceptable to the User. This conversion may include not only
localization but also transformations into graphical representation.
In each operation request, the <service> Client identifies a natural
language that applies to the Imaging Service generated strings returned by
the Service in operation responses. The Service must provide the localized
value as requested by the user for any supported natural languages. A
request for a language not supported results in a response with the string
in the default localization.

No localization is performed on string values supplied by an administrator
or End User. These strings are returned in operation responses as they were
sent by the administrator or End User.

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I suggest the following text:

"An MFD is a network device that frequently generates description and
status attributes
that contain human-readable text for Jobs and Services.  The design of
future Imaging
Services should require support for human-readable text in UTF-8 [RFC 3629].
The design of future Imaging Services should NOT allow or encourage
the use of any
other encoding for human-readable text, in order to improve

- Ira

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