[MFD] PWG SM schema v1.150 available

[MFD] PWG SM schema v1.150 available

[MFD] PWG SM schema v1.150 available

Zehler, Peter Peter.Zehler at xerox.com
Thu Nov 3 11:00:35 UTC 2011


The SM Schema and WSDL files have been updated to v1.150.  This update
includes the initial version of FaxIn.  Obsolete schemas have been
removed.  A ReadMe text file is included describing the content of each
file.  I have included it below.  Please let me know if you have any
questions or comments.  The Semantic Model page has been updated to use




Peter Zehler

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The files that comprise the PWG Semantic Model v2 (work in progress) are
the following 


Filename                                                 Description


Conditions.xsd                     Schema for condition tables (alert
tables in MIB)

CopyService.xsd                    Schema for CopyService

Counter.xsd                        Schema for usage counters

DocumentTypes.xsd                  Abstract base class definition for

FaxInService.xsd                   Schema for FaxInService

FaxOutService.xsd                  Schema for FaxOutService

JobTypes.xsd                       Abstract base class definition for

MediaElements.xsd                  Media related common elements

MediaWellKnownValues.xsd           Media related Well known values (i.e.

Power.xsd                          Power monitoring and management

PrintJobTicket.xsd                 PrintJobTicket, PrintJobReceipt,
PrintDocumentTicket, PrintDocumentReceipt

PrintService.xsd                   Schema for PrintService

PrintServiceCapabilities.xsd       Schema for representing supported
elements and allowed values for a PrintJobTicket

PwgCommon.xsd                      Elements, complex types and simple
type definitions used throughout the model 

PwgCommonOpMsg.xsd                 Complex type definitions used in
multiple services operations

PwgCopyOpMsg.xsd                   Request/Response message schema for
Copy service

PwgDeprecated.xsd                  Documents some element mappings from

PwgFaxInOpMsg.xsd                  Request/Response message schema for
FaxIn service

PwgFaxOutOpMsg.xsd                 Request/Response message schema for
FaxOut service

PwgPrintOpMsg.xsd                  Request/Response message schema for
Print service

PwgResourceOpMsg.xsd               Request/Response message schema for
Resource service

PwgScanOpMsg.xsd                   Request/Response message schema for
Scan service

PwgSemanticModel.xsd               Root of the PWG Semantic Model schema

PwgSystemControlOpMsg.xsd          Request/Response message schema for
System Control service

PwgWellKnownValues.xsd             Non-media related Well known values
(i.e. keywords) 

ResourceService.xsd                Schema for ResourceService

ScanService.xsd                    Schema for ScanService

Services.xsd                       Schema for Services

ServicesOperations.xsd             Conveniece file(not part of overall
schema) to provide schema view of operations defined in WSDLs

ServiceTypes.xsd                   Abstract base type for saervices

Subunits.xsd                       Schema for subunits (i.e.

System.xsd                         Schema used by System object (i.e.
PWG Semantic Model root)

SystemControlService.xsd           Schema for SystemControlService


PwgCopy.wsdl                       Copy Service interface definition 

PwgFaxIn.wsdl                      FaxIn Service interface definition 

PwgFaxOut.wsdl                     FaxOut Service interface definition 

PwgPrint.wsdl                      Print Service interface definition 

PwgResource.wsdl                   Resource Service interface definition

PwgScan.wsdl                       Scan Service interface definition 

PwgSystemControl.wsdl              System Control Service interface


EmailInService.xsd                 Experimental (and incomplete) schema
for EmailInService

EmailOutService.xsd                Experimental (and incomplete) schema
for EmailOutService

PwgSecurityOpMsg.xsd               Experimental Request/Response message
schema for Security service

Security.xsd                       Experimental system Security schema

SystemHealth.xsd                   Experimental SystemHealth schema

TransformService.xsd               Experimental (and incomplete) schema
for TransformService

PwgSecurity.wsdl                   Experimental Security Service
interface definition 


xenc-schema.xsd                    Standard W3C/WS-*/xmlsoap schema

xmldsig-core-schema.xsd            Standard W3C/WS-*/xmlsoap schema

xmlmime.xsd                        Standard W3C/WS-*/xmlsoap schema

addressing.xsd                     Standard W3C/WS-*/xmlsoap schema

http.xsd                           Standard W3C/WS-*/xmlsoap schema

include.xsd                        Standard W3C/WS-*/xmlsoap schema

saml-schema-assertion-2.0.xsd      Standard W3C/WS-*/xmlsoap schema


PWG_SM_2.0.spp                     XMLSPY project file


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