[MFD] Help on Template Reference

[MFD] Help on Template Reference

[MFD] Help on Template Reference

Zehler, Peter Peter.Zehler at xerox.com
Tue Jan 10 18:36:30 UTC 2012

The "TemplateXXX" elements are Job Description elements that give information about a template that was used to create a Job.  In the PrintJobTicket specification "TemplateType" is limited to 'PrintJob'.  The PWG Semantic model permits other types of templates (i.e., values for every service in both a Job and Document flavor).  One of the places from which a template could be available is a Resource Service.  The "ResourceCategory" would be 'Template' and the "ResourceType" would be one of the values from "TemplateTypeWKV".  Note that that "ResourceType" is a superset of "TemplateType" since resources can be things other than Templates.



The correct TemplateXXX references are:

TemplateCreatorUserName    [PWG5108.2] §

TemplateId                              [PWG5108.2] §

TemplateInfo                          [PWG5108.2] §

TemplateName                        [PWG5108.2] §

TemplateType                         [PWG5108.2] §



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The TemplateXXX elements are stated to be in  PWG 5108.3  sections; but there is no section nor elements defined for Template in the document.   The spec is about resources.  I don't see another spec for template.  Can you or someone else point me to the correct spec?


Since a Template I believe is a resource; then, is TemplateXXX just an instantiated name for ResourceXXX as in PWG 5108.03 section -   I am still a confused about he TemplateType Keyword or is this actually the ResourceType with the only keyword of "PrintJob".




Thanks, glen


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