[MFD] JobMandatoryElements

[MFD] JobMandatoryElements

[MFD] JobMandatoryElements

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I would recommend adding the section below.



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There are some rules I used to map IPP to XML.  Changing "Attribute" to
"Element" was one of them.  Below is a summary of the IPP mapping.
Please let me know if this should be included in the PJT spec.  I have
already added it to the PWG SM v2 specification that is being worked in
the background.




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1. Appendix D - IPP Mapping

1.1  Changes to remove some IPP specific aspects

This section lists some changes to remove some IPP specific aspects from
the PWG Semantic Model.  

1.       IPP enumerations use their well-known string name instead of
the integer enumeration.  This applies not only to IPP attributes but
also to IPP Operations.

1.       Any IPP attribute name containing "ipp" has had the "ipp"

2.       All IPP attribute and operation keywords have the substring
"attribute" replaced with "element".

3.       All IPP operation, status codes, attribute, and attribute value
keyword names have had the first letter capitalized and the '-'
character removed and the character following the '-' has been
capitalized.  (All mixed case PWG Semantic Model keywords can be
interpreted without regard to case.)

4.       Certain elements prefixed with "Job" that apply to either Jobs
or Documents has had the "Job" prefix removed.  (This mapping clarified
by the value in the "Group" cell of the PWG SMv2 Element Summary table
in appendix A)

5.       The IPP attribute value keywords defined in other registries
remain unchanged.  Note that the PWG defined media keyword values for
the Semantic Elements MediaType, MediaColor, MediaSizeName and Media use
the values as specified in PWG 5101.1.

6.       XML datatypes are used that map as closely as possible to the
IPP specification.  

a.       The IPP datatypes NameWithoutLanguage, NameWithLanguage,
TextWithoutLanguage and TextWithLanguage are mapped to the XML datatype
String. Localization is handled globally by the ElementsNaturalLanguage

b.       The IPP datatype Enum is mapped to the XML datatype NMToken.
See #1 above.

c.       The IPP collection datatype is represented as an XML sequence.
Although sequence is used the set of elements is unordered unless order
is explicitly specified in the element definition.

d.       The "1setOf X" types are represented as the base type and the
"Multivalued" field in the tables set to "Yes".  

7.       Any constraints placed on attribute values has been noted in
the tables and whenever possible expressed in the XML schema.

The term "keyword" continues to be used for string values enumerated as
part of the PWG Model.  The term "object" is sometimes changed to "data
class".  The term "operation" has been changed to "action" to use the
term more frequently used with XML.

The following IPP attributes are not included: operation-id,
attributes-charset, request-id.

1.2  Attribute Group Mapping

IPP Actions may contain a number of parameters.  The first parameter is
always the Operation Attributes for the Action.  The IPP Operation
Attributes have been mapped to the Printer and Job Description Element

The IPP Printer Description Attributes map to the PWG Printer Status
Elements and Printer Description Elements.  The IPP Job Description
Attributes map to the PWG Job Status Elements and Job Description
Elements.  The PWG Model differentiates elements that can be directly
set (i.e., Description) versus those that are maintained by automata and
can only be changed through first class operations (i.e., Status)

The IPP Job Template Attributes map to the PWG Job Processing Elements
and Document Processing Elements.  




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In PWG 5100.7 $ 3.1.2 (not section 3.12) the variable is called
job-mandatory-attributes but you call it JobMandatoryElements.  Should
the name be changed (JobMandatoryAttributes) in the PJT to align?




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