[MFD] Concerns with new PJT spec

[MFD] Concerns with new PJT spec

[MFD] Concerns with new PJT spec

Petrie, Glen glen.petrie at eitc.epson.com
Wed Jan 18 22:59:02 UTC 2012



(I already sent these to Pete, but thought I should put on list for


DocumentPassword in PJT is defined as Base64Binary and constraint =
unlimited.    But JPS3 state is it an octetString of length (max) of


I also read the description in JPS3 and it states that the document
password in "unencrypted".   I think it would be very important to add
the pharse 'unencrypted' in the PJT document.


Appendix A is not complete sorted.  I think there was a cut/paste error
DocumentMessage to DocumentNatural Language is repeat in the table.
Once on page 43 and again on 44.


Title for Figure 5 should be CoverCol DataType instead of Cover DataType





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