[MFD] Semantic Model teleconference, 3pm EST Thursday 1/26

[MFD] Semantic Model teleconference, 3pm EST Thursday 1/26

[MFD] Semantic Model teleconference, 3pm EST Thursday 1/26

Zehler, Peter Peter.Zehler at xerox.com
Mon Jan 23 16:20:23 UTC 2012


If there are additional items that you would like to see in the
Transform Service discussion, please send them to me.  I will collect
any additional items and send out an update if needed.






1)    Identify Minute Taker

2)    Approval of minutes from previous teleconference


3)    Agenda bashing 

4)    Discuss Transformation Service

a.    We will be looking at the Schema and WSDL and discussing the
service at a high level.  

                                          i.    LiveMeeting
participation will be helpful.

b.    What types of transforms should be allowed in the Transform

c.    Can transforms be named?

                                          i.    If so how are transforms

                                        ii.    Prototype experience used
output document format (MIME/Namespace) to "name" a transform

d.    What do capabilities for a transform service mean?

                                          i.    How doe existing
capabilities handle Transform Service Capabilities?

                                        ii.    How are the capabilities
of complex transforms (e.g. red eye correction, OCR) represented?

e.    How far into the PWG model are transforms represented?

                                          i.    Completely modeled

                                        ii.    Embedded in PWG elements
(e.g., element containing JSON, Vendor representation in PWG container

                                       iii.    Partial representation
(e.g., existing semantics used, transform specific instructions treated
as a Document within the Job, detailed capabilities contained in a
transform specific document)

5)    Next Steps

a.    Discussion of completion of the Semantic Model

b.    Discuss upcoming Face to Face





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Peter Zehler

Xerox Research Center Webster
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