[MFD] Question on some of the capabilites categories

[MFD] Question on some of the capabilites categories

[MFD] Question on some of the capabilites categories

Michael Sweet msweet at apple.com
Tue Feb 14 22:35:31 UTC 2012


On Feb 14, 2012, at 12:54 PM, "Petrie, Glen" <glen.petrie at eitc.epson.com> wrote:
> ... 
> IPP copies-supported is of type "1setOf rangeOfInteger(1:MAX)".
> [gwp]  Ok – but 1setOfrangeOfInteger(1:Max) means there is 1 set of range values and the minimum value is  1 and the maximum value is specified (i.e. an integer).   So this is a long winded way to specify a single integer value.

No, that means that copies-supported can list 1 or more rangeOfInteger values, and those values cannot have a lower bound less than 1 or an upper bound greater than "MAX" (2^31-1).

I don't remember the rationale for having the 1setOf for copies-supported (we can search through the mailing list archives) but all of the printers I have worked with either do not support copies or provide a single rangeOfInteger value for the copies-supported attribute.

> 2. FontSizeRequestedSupported is a list of integers, not a range.
> IPP font-size-requested-supported is of type "1setOf rangeOfInteger(1:MAX)".
> [gwp] FontSizeRequested is integer from PWG 5105.1.   Does this means the number of font sizes that can be specified and not the actual font size values?  Why would the “number of font sizes” be a capability?  Don’t you need the set of font sizes?

The IPP values are point sizes; it sounds like 5105.1 has an error...

> 3. ForceFrontSide(Supported) is a Boolean
> IPP force-front-side-supported is of type "rangeOfInteger(1:MAX)".
> [gwp] What does setting a MAX value means for this variable?  Does it mean the maximum number of ForceFrontSide entries (size of the integer array) that can be?

For rangeOfInteger, any numbers specify the range of allowed values for the "lower" and "upper" integers that are part of that type.

In this case the attribute is effectively telling you the limit on the number of pages in a document along with "I support this attribute".

> ...
> 7. StitchingLocation is a list of integers or maybe just StitchingLocationSupported as a Boolean
> IPP stitching-locations-supported is of type "1setOf (Integer(0:MAX) | rangeOfInteger(0:MAX))".
> [gwp]  1setofInteger, over the range of 0 to Max, make sense.   But what is a “range of integer” stitching locations?   The minimum value is 0; ok.  For a sample value, say Max is 100; then the stitching locations are 0 to 100; 100 what?   Or does 100 mean 100 evenly spaced locations? 

If a printer reports rangeOfInteger then any value in that range is allowed. If it reports integer values then only those discrete values are supported.

Michael Sweet, Senior Printing System Engineer, PWG Chair

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