[MFD] Question on ElementsNaturalLanguage tag

[MFD] Question on ElementsNaturalLanguage tag

[MFD] Question on ElementsNaturalLanguage tag

Petrie, Glen glen.petrie at eitc.epson.com
Mon Apr 30 21:35:11 UTC 2012



In 2911, it states the statement below on.  For the PJT, I don't see
charset used or defined before ElementsNaturalLanguage.  Is this
conformance not needed in the PJT?







3.1.4 Character Set and Natural Language Operation Attributes


   Some Job and Printer attributes have values that are text strings and

   names intended for human understanding rather than machine

   understanding (see the 'text' and 'name' attribute syntax

   descriptions in section 4.1).  The following sections describe two

   special Operation Attributes called "attributes-charset" and

   "attributes-natural-language".  These attributes are always part of

   the Operation Attributes group.  For most attribute groups, the order

   of the attributes within the group is not important.  However, for

   these two attributes within the Operation Attributes group, the order

   is critical.  The "attributes-charset" attribute MUST be the first




Hastings, et al.            Standards Track                    [Page 24]


RFC 2911              IPP/1.1: Model and Semantics        September 2000



   attribute in the group and the "attributes-natural-language"

   attribute MUST be the second attribute in the group.  In other words,

   these attributes MUST be supplied in every IPP request and response,

   they MUST come first in the group, and MUST come in the specified

   order.  For job creation operations, the IPP Printer implementation

   saves these two attributes with the new Job object as Job Description

   attributes.  For the sake of brevity in this document, these

   operation attribute descriptions are not repeated with every

   operation request and response, but have a reference back to this

   section instead.

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