[MFD] RE: Question on WKV for charset (and others)

[MFD] RE: Question on WKV for charset (and others)

[MFD] RE: Question on WKV for charset (and others)

Zehler, Peter Peter.Zehler at xerox.com
Fri Jun 8 17:57:47 UTC 2012



1.       Me

2.       Early 2002

3.       They have been updated several times a year since its creation.
Less frequently but the same time period  for the media related values. 


So what it boils down to is that the schema restricts very few elements
to ONLY the values defined in the *WKV simple types.  That is why most
elements that use WKVs simple types are a union with an extension
pattern.  As long as a new value fits the pattern it can be used as an
element value.  New well-known values can be added just as they have for
the last 10 years.  Send a request to the SM mail list.  I don't think
in all this time any request has been denied after discussion on the
list or a teleconference.  




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From: Petrie, Glen [mailto:glen.petrie at eitc.epson.com] 
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Subject: Question on WKV for charset (and others)




I was curious about the WKV list for the various elements; specifically,


1.	who created the WKV list for each element
2.	when were the WKV list created
3.	when, if ever, are the WKV list updated 


I guess it boils down to who maintains the list.  For example, some list
come IANA registered values which are randomly updated; so how would new
values (if they apply) be added to the WKV (assuming the new values
should be a WKV).



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