[MFD] RE: "InsertSheet" specification in PWG:PJT (5108.07)

[MFD] RE: "InsertSheet" specification in PWG:PJT (5108.07)

[MFD] RE: "InsertSheet" specification in PWG:PJT (5108.07)

Zehler, Peter Peter.Zehler at xerox.com
Tue Jan 22 18:20:18 UTC 2013


I do not agree.  The plural (i.e. InsertSheets) is the container element for the InsertSheet element that can have multiple instances.  These container elements are used throughout the semantic model.  (see also Finishings, PageRanges, Overrides, JobStateReasons)  One of the reasons for them was to facilitate the parsing especially in low2 end or custom parsers.  Another reason was to avoid a nondeterministic schema in certain circumstances.  One inconsistency it that when the container element is optional the minOccurs should be 1.  If there are no instances, the container element should be omitted.  I never went back through to make all of them consistent.

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The PrintDocumentProcessing object (page 17) contains an element called "InsertSheets" while the only related object is the "InsertSheet" (page 19).

I believe the specifications should be to corrected such that "PrintDocumentProcessing: InsertSheets" become "PrintDocumentProcessing: InsertSheet" with "0 to infinity" notation to denote an array of insertsheet.


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