[MFD] SM 2.0, the Copy service, and Add<service>HardcopyDocument

[MFD] SM 2.0, the Copy service, and Add<service>HardcopyDocument

[MFD] SM 2.0, the Copy service, and Add<service>HardcopyDocument

Michael Sweet msweet at apple.com
Fri Apr 19 18:56:57 UTC 2013


I had a random thought today while thinking about what needs to be done to support multifunction services through a cloud intermediary.  Functionally each of the services can be put in one of three buckets: document output (Print, FaxOut, EmailOut, Transform), document input (Scan, FaxIn, EmailIn), document input and output (Resource), and non-document (Copy, System Control).

While we currently are not addressing a cloud-based System Control service at this time (or for that matter any remote Output Device/Service control/management), we *do* probably want to address Copy, and that is the *only* other service that is not document-based.

However, conceptually Copy *is* document based, it is just that the document is hardcopy from a scanning source.  For FaxOut this is modeled using a separate operation (AddFaxOutHardcopyDocument) that pulls the document data from the specified scan source. A Print service that provided a similar operation (AddPrintHardcopyDocument) could provide the equivalent of the Copy service, and doing so would greatly simplify support for "cloud copy" in the Cloud Imaging Model.

Conceptually the EmailOut service could also implement an AddEmailOutHardcopyDocument operation to email scans, however Scan already supports a Destination URI which could allow for email "storage" of the scanned images, too.


Anyways, like I said this is just a random thought, but when we *do* get around to a SM 2.0 specification, perhaps we should also take a fresh look at things and retire the Copy service.


Michael Sweet, Senior Printing System Engineer, PWG Chair

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