[MFD] SM WG meeting minutes. 04/22/2013

[MFD] SM WG meeting minutes. 04/22/2013

[MFD] SM WG meeting minutes. 04/22/2013

Manchala, Daniel Daniel.Manchala at xerox.com
Wed Apr 24 00:26:10 UTC 2013

Semantic Model WG meeting minutes. 04/22/2013. 11:00 AM - 12:00 Noon PT.


Bill Wagner
Glen Petrie
Paul Tykodi
Rick Yardumian
Larry Upthegrove
Daniel Manchala

Paul discussed his trip to Boulder, CO meeting the members of the AFP consortium, chaired by Harry Lewis of Ricoh Solutions that meet twice a year. The discussion centered on the intersection of JDF workflows and AFP architecture, and on mapping the AFP/IPDS to the PWG/PJT (both the application format and the printer ready format). AFP consortium was supportive of this mapping effort. Paul Tykodi will create a reach out communication letter to the cloud print vendors making them this effort known to them.

The Mapping 1.0 (known before hand as the cloudmap1.0 document) will be uploaded to the PWG ftp site for a review by the PWG members. This document will be one of the key documents to be discussed at the next F2F meeting in Cupertino (May 13-17) hosted by Apple. This document still needs to have the "state model" section updated for all three mappings - MSPS to PJT (Paul Tykodi), JDF to PJT (Ira McDonald) and PPD to PJT (Mike Sweet). Paul to email Ira on what the state model looks like.

A proposal was put forth (by Bill Wagner) to create one SM 2.0 document that comprises the use cases and requirements, common schema for all services (output - Print, FaxOut, EmailOut; input - Scan, FaxIn, EmailIn; transform), and specialized schema for each of the services in one document. The participants agreed that this seemed to be a proper direction to go.

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