[MFD] RE: PWG -- Scanning Service Model, Documentation et al...

[MFD] RE: PWG -- Scanning Service Model, Documentation et al...

[MFD] RE: PWG -- Scanning Service Model, Documentation et al...

Zehler, Peter Peter.Zehler at xerox.com
Thu Jun 20 16:01:52 UTC 2013


I no longer actively participate in the PWG but I can tell you about the original approach for the model.  Version 1 of the model was limited to print and was intended to provide an abstract model that could be mapped to any number of protocol bindings. The existing PWG specifications were specific to the IPP protocol binding.  There were many other environments that utilized the same underlying model.  That model had its roots in ISO/IEC 10175-1:1996 Document Printing Application (DPA).   As a convenience we adapted the use of XML Schema to describe the data model and WSDL to describe the service interfaces.  Note that the model is actually independent of this but XML/WSDL does bring a great deal of benefits to the work including assistance in documentation, transformations to other bindings and code generation.

The PWG started to extend the model to include device aspects along with the service aspects.  The device model was derived from existing SNMP MIBS. Other user facing services of modern MFDs were added to the model.  Whenever possible semantic elements were reused across the services.  A great deal of semantics are defined in the print and scan services.  The goal was to cover all the services by attacking them one at a time.  As the device/services were added the underlying model was expanded.  As each specification was published a namespace was assigned and a snapshot of the XML/WSDL was posted.  Along the way implementers have a chance to feed back any issues they have with any of the services.  Once all the services are completed a final publication was planned that would bring all the services up to date and unify them under a single published namespace.  There would also be a single associated specification.  It is my understanding that the specification is underway.  The PWG Semantic Model v2 specification will be the document you want.  Version 2 of the PWG Semantic Model schema will be published at that time.  I'm sure the PWG could use your help to make v2 a reality.

If I have this wrong, perhaps someone from the Semantic Model working group can correct me.


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Dear Ms Chen, Mr Zehler ---

    While becoming more familiar with the general Semantic Model of the PWG, I have recently spent some time with the MFD Scan Service.

    A quick question -- seeing how this dates back almost 4 years, is there a more recent version of the documentation?  Ideally, somewhat in line with the 1.187 (latest) Schema?

    I thank you for giving this your attention, along with thanks for all of your work with PWG.

    Best regards...

    --- Paul Henerlau

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