PWG-ANNOUNCE> Election of Officers

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Election of Officers

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Election of Officers

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Thu Jul 9 12:31:20 EDT 1998

According to the PWG Process we are in the process of completing and
putting into place, officers for the PWG take office on September 1st of
this year with a 2 year term of office.  As such we must elect officers
(Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary) at the August meeting in Toronto.

The duties of these officers are described in the process document and are
summarized below.

The PWG Chair is responsible for organizing the overall agenda of the PWG,
creating working groups, appointing working group chairs, making local
arrangements for PWG meetings (this may be delegated as appropriate),
setting the high level PWG agenda, chairing the PWG plenary session, and
assisting working group chairs to accomplish their tasks.

The Vice Chair?s responsibilities are to act in the absence of the chair
and provide assistance to the Chair in carrying out his or her role, as

The PWG Secretary has responsibility to record and distribute the minutes
of all PWG meetings.

Serving as an officer in an organization such as the PWG often provides
significant personal satisfaction and career enhancement.  If you are
interested in serving as one of the officers, please confirm with your
management and then let me know as soon as possible of your interest.

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