PWG-ANNOUNCE> Early July Ping

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Early July Ping

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Early July Ping

Scott Isaacson SISAACSON at
Wed Apr 15 21:25:38 EDT 1998

I plan to arrive on the 7th, and stay for the 8th and 9th.

Scott Isaacson

Scott A. Isaacson
Corporate Architect
Novell Inc., M/S PRV-C-121=20
122 E 1700 S, Provo, UT 84606
voice: (801) 861-7366, (800) 453-1267 x17366
fax: (801) 861-2517
email: sisaacson at

>>> <ALAN_BERKEMA at> 04/09/98 02:27PM >>>
     I am working on the details of the July meeting.  This will be the=20
     joint meeting of the PWG & PWG-C. The 1394 TA Developers conference=20=

     will be in San Jose on June 29 thru July 2 and the PWG meets the=20
     following week. Monterey is about 70 miles from San Jose. Here's =
     tentative information:
     When: July 6 - 10 (1394/1394/PWG&IPP/IPP/JMP&FIN) Where: Monterey,=20
     California: $159 + Meeting expenses
     Monterey Marriott
     350 Calle Principal Monterey, CA 93940
     USA Phone: 408-649-4234
     Fax: 408-372-2968=20

     I'll let you know when we can start making reservations.
     For more information and the closest aiports try

     I need a quick PING (today if possible) to make sure I'm not off =
     counts. I need arrival data, and departure dates and if you will =
     at the Marriott.

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