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Fri Sep 4 07:48:17 EDT 1998

In case you missed it the first time......

Well, the new PWG server located here in Lexington is now up and running (he
says with fingers crossed.) Please take a few minutes and poke around to make
sure your documents and web pages are located on the server. We have made every
effort to move everything (Web Pages, FTP directories, hypermail archives, etc.)
to this new machine but we need to make sure we haven't missed anything before
we have Jay Martin "turn off" the old machine.

If you encounter any technical problems with the server or the mailing lists
please let Roger Eggleston know ASAP. His email is mailto:egglestn at

There might still be some name servers which haven't seen the new IP address for
the domain but that will settle out over time.  Additionally, we are
still looking at this wierd problem with the ghost messages on some of the DLs.
I have noticed tracing through them that a number of them seem to have
information from the "" domain which I believe is British Telecom.
We may have to kill all the subscribes from that domain the fix the problem.


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