PWG-ANNOUNCE> PING for MAUI (again)!!!

PWG-ANNOUNCE> PING for MAUI (again)!!!

PWG-ANNOUNCE> PING for MAUI (again)!!!

Larry Stein lstein at
Thu Dec 17 20:53:23 EST 1998


I really hate to be a pain in the email, but I have not received may pings
(RSVPs) for the Maui meeting.

In order to get the meetings setup I need to know WHO is coming WHEN and
attending WHAT meetings.  I do have some responses, but not many.  Others
have made hotel reservations but not sent me what meetings they are attending.

In addition, we are trying to set up a Whale Watch cruise for Wednesday
night.  This was great last year.  The cost will be $40 +/-.

Even if you've pinged me already, please do so again.  
If you haven't made your reservations then do so immediately.  The hotel
has told me that they will go to "available only" by next week.

Please provide the following:

Arrival date:
Staying at Marriott?:
	UPD 		monday
	IPP		Tuesday
	IPP/PWG	Wednesday
	Finisher	Thursday
	1394PWG	Thursday-Friday

Whale watching:	
Check out:

Maui Marriott on Kaanapali Beach
Meeting dates: Jan 18-22
Rooms reserved from Jan 16 - 25
Rate:   $159.00 plus tax
Group name: PWG, Printer Working Group, Warp Nine
Phone: 1-800-763-1333 or 1-808-667-1200
Deadline: December 18, 1998 
Meeting charge: $30-$40

You shouldn't hear from me again.
Have a great Holiday and see you in Maui,
Larry A. Stein			Phone: (619)292-2742
Warp Nine Engineering		Fax: 	(619)292-8020

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