PWG-ANNOUNCE> Future work of the PWG

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Future work of the PWG

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Future work of the PWG

don at don at
Wed Aug 18 15:08:57 EDT 1999

Every year to 18 months, it is important for the PWG to examine the changing
nature of printing and find potential areas where standardization could improve
the printing experience for the end-user as well as perhaps to make the task of
creating printers, printing systems, printing utilities, etc. easier and better.
As such, the time has come to have an "open forum" session to brainstorm for

On Tuesday evening at the Denver meeting (September 21st) we will be having the
previously pre-announced "brainstorming" session.  We will start at 5 PM and
work for about 4 hours.  Please plan you flights accordingly.  Remember, the
Denver airport is in "Kansas" (i.e. rather distant from downtown Denver) to so
allow time to get to the hotel.

Between now and then, please start thinking about the areas you think the PWG
should consider.  Some suggestions I have already had include:

1) Multifunction device standards
     - MIBs?
     - Protocols?
     - etc.

2) Linux Printing
     - UPDF based?
     - something else?

I am sure there are hundreds of other areas ripe for exploration so put your
thinking caps on!

We will order out for pizza that night so bring some cash to pitch into the pot
to buy them.

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