PWG-ANNOUNCE> Chatting and other Group activities

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Chatting and other Group activities

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Chatting and other Group activities

harryl at harryl at
Thu Aug 26 19:45:27 EDT 1999

I'll arrange for a phone line Tuesday night in Denver.

Sounds like a good effort. I might even volunteer to moderate. One comment,
however. I anticipate it will be taxing (just as it is to record the minutes) to
participate and moderate simultaneous. This style of meeting protocol would
appear to have the inherent characteristic of narrowing information bandwidth
just as the discussion gets hot!

Guess it may be better than naught.

Harry Lewis
IBM Printing Systems
harryl at

don at on 08/26/99 04:08:05 PM

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Subject:  PWG-ANNOUNCE> Chatting and other Group activities

I have created a "Group" at for the Printer Working Group.
eGroups provides a java based chat system and other tools that we might find
useful.  I'm not sure how we can use this yet, but we might start giving it a
try if we have dial-up access in the meeting rooms.  Harry: Can you check into
getting an analog line for the Tuesday night session in Boulder.  Using this
tool for our brainstorming session in Denver would require someone to join the
group, bring a laptop and be prepared to type in what is happening in the
meeting room and also feed any comments from the chat into the meeting room.
Any volunteers?

In addition to chat, eGroups provides a decent publically accessible calendar.
It would be great if people would add standards meetings and other events they
are aware of to the calendar so we can avoid scheduling problems.

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