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Thu Feb 25 17:02:14 EST 1999

At the January PWG meeting, Andrea Westerinen from the DMTF and Microsoft
present some work in progress on the DMTF CIM Printer Model.  Several people at
the meeting expressed an interest in reviewing the model for consistency with
the Print, Job Monitoring and Finisher MIBs as well as with IPP.  Draft 0.2
dated February 1999 is currently being reviewed.  If you were not at the Maui
meeting and would like to participate in the review, please contact Andrea (
andreawe at and request a copy of the document and request to be
added to the mailing list.

The review schedule is approximately as follows:

March 12  - Review comments in to the mailing list
March 31  - Company review draft
April          - Distributed to DMTF companies for review

(note:  comments received on the mailing list will be considered for inclusion
as time permits.)

A planning and overview conference call was held today with myself, Harry Lewis
and Bill Wagner attending from the PWG.  Andrea and David Simons attended from
the DMTF.  In addition to reviewing the document, Andrea and David would also
like to better understand the printer industry's view on what the logical and
physical view of a printer should be.  If you would like to contribute your
thoughts and ideas in this area please forward them to the mailing list (after
you have been added by Andrea.)

This is the last note on this subject that will be broadly distributed.

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