PWG-ANNOUNCE> May Meeting Information

PWG-ANNOUNCE> May Meeting Information

PWG-ANNOUNCE> May Meeting Information

Larry Stein lstein at
Mon Apr 5 19:23:30 EDT 1999


Having setup meetings at over 10 different hotel chains over the last 7
years I'd have to say that your observations are inaccurate and incorrect.
ALL hotels are a pain in one way or another.  With very few exceptions
there is always some inconvenience or problem that arises.  

At least with the Marriott we know how they operate so it's a little easier
to deal with.

My guess is that it's to early for the meeting information to get to the
reservation desk.  It usually takes at least a week to make sure that is
setup properly.  Try again later.  Sandra will probably call the
reservation or sales office to get it set properly.


At 4/5/99 05:37 PM, PJohansson at wrote:
>In a message dated 99-04-05 15:45:12 EDT, don at writes:
><<Reservation: 800-228-9290
>Hewlett-Packard rate 169.00 / night>>
>I was unable to make a reservation either by calling the 800 number or 
>long-distance direct to the hotel. The staff at the hotel was singularly 
>unhelpful and told me I couldn't book directly with them,
>I think the PWG should revisit its policy of providing all of its business to 
>Marriott on an exclusive basis. As far as I understand it, this is so some 
>participants can amass "frequent stay" bonuses with a single vendor. I have 
>not been impressed with Marriott service, particularly their unwillingness to 
>accommodate special needs of the PWG. Additionally, difficulties making 
>reservations with Marriott are not an isolated occurrence.
>I think meeting hotels should be picked on a rational, business-like basis 
>that includes price and service as key determinants in their selection. I 
>don't think it is wise to blindly give all of the PWG business to one vendor 
>without investigating other possibilities.
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