PWG-ANNOUNCE> Future work of the PWG

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Future work of the PWG

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Future work of the PWG

Richard Shockey rshockey at
Thu Aug 19 17:54:50 EDT 1999

> > Do you have any siggestions on how to leverage technology to make this 
> workable
> > without suppressing the discussion?
>No, not really.  Although video conferencing sure would be nice...

Maybe this is a silly idea but how about one of those Internet Chat like 
systems. A member of the on site team would be designated as NetScribe 
Moderator to post the current discussion thread on line and then relay 
questions from logged in users.  You'd need a fast typist and the moderator 
would need nothing more than a dial up Net Connection.

The advantage of this system is that the participants on site would not be 
directly disturbed by folks cutting by voice in but could post questions 
and follow a abbreviated meeting agenda.

I really dont know much about the software involved but essentially you go 
to a web site,  log in some sort of Java client app thing is loaded up and 
you see the scrolling threads.You can post messages to the moderator who 
can then control the threads. I've recently participated in a couple of 
these moderated chat sessions and it sort of works.


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