PWG-ANNOUNCE> Future work of the PWG

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Future work of the PWG

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Future work of the PWG

harryl at harryl at
Fri Aug 20 13:17:36 EDT 1999

Jay, I wouldn't necessarily consider P1394 as the appropriate sub-group. I think
I know what you are getting at... that some sub-group of the PWG might form to
focus on printing from mobile, handheld, "pervasive" clients. But I think the
transports are as likely to include wireless LANs as hot plug serial ports.
Maybe P1394 will "morph" into such a group as their work winds down. To be sure,
there is high likelihood that a large portion of the P1394 group will also be
interested in this "hip clip client" model.

Harry Lewis
IBM Printing Systems
harryl at

Jay Martin <jkm at> on 08/19/99 02:14:38 PM

To:   Richard Shockey <rshockey at>
cc:   pwg-announce at
Subject:  Re: PWG-ANNOUNCE> Future work of the PWG

Richard Shockey wrote:
> Maybe extend that a bit to include printing from non-desktop devices as
> well...hand held's,  my cell phone.. palm based scanning devices like HP
> CapShare.. I know there has been some work in IrDA based interfaces to
> "point and print" but maybe the concept is more extensiable.

Good thought, but perhaps appliance-like devices would be best
dealt with thru the P1394 group?

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