PWG-ANNOUNCE> In San Diego let's avoid the Suites Down

PWG-ANNOUNCE> In San Diego let's avoid the Suites Down

PWG-ANNOUNCE> In San Diego let's avoid the Suites Down

Herriot, Robert Robert.Herriot at
Tue Sep 28 15:57:55 EDT 1999

I challenged my bill with AMEX first, but the Marriott hotel came back and
said the bill was correct.
So the hotel had chance to fix the problem when I opened the dispute. My
conversations with the 
manager came after the AMEX dispute process was finished.

On the day I checked out, I went to the hotel front desk to have them remove
charges for room snacks. I also had them add parking which they had
forgotten about.  They made lots of mistakes.

Bob Herriot

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     I had some problems with my bill at that hotel as well. When I 
     received my AMEX bill summary I found that the Marriot had charged 50 
     more dollars for "something". Luckily, the AMEX service managed the 
     matter and I got my money back, but I was very bothered by that 
     unexpected (and unjustified) billing
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Subject: PWG-ANNOUNCE> In San Diego let's avoid the Suites Downtown
Author:  Robert.Herriot at
Date:    9/28/99 4:51 AM

I suggested a a recent PWG meeting that the PWG not hold their next San 
Diego meeting at the Suites San Diego Downtown by Marriott (701 A St). 
Several people suggested that I discuss the issue on this DL.
At the meeting last December, I experienced a problem with being billed for 
the night after my departure at this hotel. I believe that we should not 
spend our money at a hotel where the manager assumes that customers are 
liars in a plausible situation where his records are too incomplete to know 
what really happened.  The manager told me that this situation is 
infrequent, so I would expect him to give me the benefit of the doubt in 
such a situation. 
The hotel billed my AMEX card for Friday night even though I had checked out

of the hotel on Friday about noon and returned home Friday afternoon. When I

called the hotel, the manager said that he had no record of my having 
checked out on Friday.
I explained that I had received the bill under the door Friday morning, and 
I had gone to the desk to correct a small error. I assumed that I was 
checked out at this point. My receipt said that Friday was my scheduled 
check-out day, but it didn't have a zeroed out balance to indicate final 
check-out. The hotel computer does not maintain an audit trail which would 
show that I received two receipts on Friday. The desk clerk perhaps forgot 
to press the check-out button.  In addition, the hotel maid said that the 
room was occupied on Friday night. Did she make a mistake? Did some unknown 
person slip into the room? No one knows.
The manager's best offer was a future free night at his hotel. I finally 
offered to send him a copy of my San Francisco airport parking receipt paid 
on Friday afternoon. He accepted. A few days after he received a fax of the 
parking receipt, he credited my AMEX card.
I am bothered by a hotel manager who gives less credibility to a customer 
than to a computer system with flawed and incomplete information, especially

when it appears not to be a costly problem for them. I would expect good 
will to be worth more than catching an occasional free-loader.
I hope we will stay elsewhere for PWG's December meeting in San Diego.
Bob Herriot

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