PWG-ANNOUNCE> Use of this list

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Use of this list

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Use of this list

don at don at
Tue Oct 5 07:12:15 EDT 1999

There seems to be some confusion as to the purpose of this
(pwg-announce at mailing list versus the pwg (pwg at pwg-org) mailing list.
The "Announce" list is reserved for ANNOUNCEMENTS and not for general
discussions and suggestions.  When the time is right to announce the meeting
arrangements or the availability of a new document that might be of interest to
the PWG community, then the "Announce" list is appropriate.  At no time is a
discussion of any kind appropriate on the "Announce" list

The "Pwg" list is for general PWG discussions, idea, suggestions, etc.  Would
you like to suggest a meeting location?  The "Pwg" list is appropriate.  Want to
talk about the PWG's procedures?  The "Pwg" list is appropriate.  Want to
discussion something that was announced on the "Announce" list?  The "Pwg" list
or the list for the specific project relating to the announcement is

Remember, the "Announce" list goes to EVERYONE registered on EVERY list.  The
"Pwg" list goes to those interested in the operation and administration of the

Choose wisely!

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