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All submissions are in and located at:

There has been little feedback on any of them other than Stuart Rowley's
submission which seems to be the preferred on.  The only comments were
concerning it usage of "pwg" rather than "Printer Working Group."  It is
important to remember that the logo rarely appears by itself.  When used on a
web page, letterhead or in some other context, the organization name is usually
readily available.  Consider such logos as TV networks, etc.  Believe it or not,
ABC, NBC, CBS, W3C, etc. did not initially have any name recognition but when
used properly and used in context with the organization name, an acronym based
logo can be a part of successful brand building.

I believe the attached logo to be the consensus "best" and should be accepted
for use.  Speak now, submit now or forever hold your peace.

(See attached file: pwgred.jpg)

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