PWG-ANNOUNCE> Future Projects for the PWG

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Future Projects for the PWG

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Future Projects for the PWG

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Mon Dec 20 14:53:58 EST 1999

At the Plenary session last week, the group discussed the disposition of the top
7 new areas of exploration that were listed as a result of the Denver
brainstorming session.  The group agreed as follows:

1) Linux Print:  This effort should be included as a focus of the UPDF group.
The UPDF Chair should encourage the participation of PWG Member Corel and of the
other major Linux vendors.

2) MFP/MFD Work: This potential project will be investigated by a study group
starting at the New Orleans meeting.  Time has been allocated on Tuesday
afternoon to discuss the scanner MIB and other MFP/MFD projects.

3) Server-Device Protocol: The group believed there is a significant opportunity
to develop a wire protocol for intimate interaction between the print server and
the marking device when the two are distinct and separate devices.  No one
volunteered at the meeting to chair this study group.  Any one interested should
contact the PWG Chair (don at

4) Scaleable Vector Graphics: This effort should probably be left to the W3C
Potentially an education session could be set up to education the PWG on this
W3C project.

5) Color: Significant work has already been done and is in progress on color by
the International Color Consortium.  Nothing would be gained by the PWG
launching a new effort in this area.  Coordination between the PWG and the ICC
should be investigated.

6) Job Management using Java and/or XML: The decision was defer on this as there
are already a number of PWG projects with management content.

7) Production Printing Extensions for IPP:  This work will be incorporated into
the IPP WG's charter.

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