PWG-ANNOUNCE> Charter for XHTML-Print Working Group

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Charter for XHTML-Print Working Group

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Charter for XHTML-Print Working Group

Harry Lewis harryl at
Fri Mar 2 00:13:32 EST 2001

I would resist any unnecessary prolonging of the X-HTML-Print process. I 
would view the PWG working group as short lived. I think X-HTML-Print is a 
good example of an industry wide standard, however, and feel the PWG is an 
appropriate "owner" and "keeper" of this standard. 
Harry Lewis 
IBM Printing Systems 

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As the Chairperson of the UPNP Imaging committee I am against starting a
separate working group to develop X-HTML Print.  We are very close to
locking down the BasicPrint Service which requires X-HTML Print and I had
envisioned locking down the X-HTML Print document in parallel.   It seems
that we are winding down the X-HTML Print discussions and are close to
agreement on a version of X-HTML Print that vendors could implement.  In
fact, the current UPNP Print Committee schedule has the X-HTML Print
document listed as "done" by 3/31/01 with a subsequent vote to agree on 
"final" version.   I have concerns that a separate working committee to
develop X-HTML Print could prolong the entire process for a UPNP Print


Shivaun Albright

Shivaun Albright
Engineer Scientist 
Internet Imaging and Printing Systems (iIPS)
Hewlett Packard
Roseville, CA
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> Don,
> We won't be at the plenary (although Norbert will be in Tampa 
> for the UPDF
> meeting) so here is our two cents.
> PWG seems like the right home for XHTML-Print.  We like the 
> work you've
> done and hope it becomes final soon.   I wonder what impact 
> this will have
> on the timing within the UPnP group.  Since the plan there has been to
> finalize this soon, would that vote go ahead?  What happens if the PWG
> process makes changes afterwards?  Perhaps PWG should vote on 
> adopting the
> UPnP result lock stock and barrel, or else UPnP should just 
> turn it over
> right away.
> Also, I assume a goal is to do this in a way that the 
> Bluetooth folks can
> adopt it as well...true?
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> Working Group 
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> A working group to develop the XHTML-Print "datastream" is 
> being proposed
> for
> the PWG.  I have included a pointer to a proposed charter 
> which will be
> discussed at the PWG Plenary in Tampa.

Comments should be sent to me or brought up at the Plenary in Tampa.  A
list for this project has not yet been set up yet.

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