PWG-ANNOUNCE> Election of Officers

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Election of Officers

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Election of Officers

don at don at
Mon Jul 16 11:44:27 EDT 2001


As the fall of this year approaches so does the election of officers for the
Printer Working Group.  In the interest of the vitality of the organization and
because I have been chair for quite some time, I have chosen not to run for
office again.  The PWG Process document calls for new officers to take office on
September 1st.  As such, we need to begin the nominations process immediately
and then conduct an e-mail election of officers.

Please forward to me before August 1st, any and all nominations for the
following offices:

1) Chair
2) Vice Chair
3) Secretary

Duties and responsibilities are outlined in Section 2 of the Process document
available from

Please include a brief bio of each nominee.


* Don Wright                 don at *
* Chair, Printer Working Group               *
* Chair, IEEE MSC                            *
* Member, IEEE SA Board of Governors         *
* Member, IEEE-ISTO Board of Directors       *
*                                            *
* Director, Alliances & Standards            *
* Lexmark International                      *
* 740 New Circle Rd                          *
* Lexington, Ky 40550                        *
* 859-825-4808 (phone) 603-963-8352 (fax)    *

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