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As you are probably aware, we will not be having a meeting in September as we
originally planned.  The next meeting of the Printer Working Group will be in
October.  There are several options for this meeting and I invite your comments
and suggestions about these options.  One item of news that we have recently
become aware of is that the uPnP Imaging group (large overlap with PWG
participants) will be meeting in Seattle on Wednesday October 17th in
conjunction with a uPnP Forum meetings on Thursday and Friday.

The options are:

1) Have the meeting as planned the week of October 22 in Phoenix (or
alternatively in Texas which was the September locate.)

2) If we only have two groups meeting (UPD and IPP Fax), have the meetings on
October 15th and 16th in Seattle immediately prior to the uPnP meeting

3) Have the meeting the following week in Seattle especially if we have more
than two groups meeting.  Those attending the uPnP forum could choose to stay in
Seattle over the weekend to save travel expense.

 I am currently leaning toward option #2 above followed by #3 if there are more
than 2 groups planning to meet.

Speak now!!

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