PWG-ANNOUNCE> Election of New Officers

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Election of New Officers

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Election of New Officers

Harry Lewis harryl at
Wed Sep 5 00:59:56 EDT 2001

As incoming Chairman of the PWG, I would like to thank Don his consistent, 
strong leadership. Don has been a positive influence on the creation of 
printing standards for more than a decade - beyond the formal creation of 
the Printer Working Group.  Under Don's recent tenure we grew the PWG into 
a more  effective, formally chartered organization of the IEEE ISTO. 

The needs of our industry are ever changing. As the new Chairman I plan to 
help keep the PWG focused and engaged in areas where the industry can 
benefit most from standardization and interoperability. 

I would also like to thank Shivaun for volunteering to run for PWG Chair. 
There really is no "win" or "loose" with these positions, only "service", 
and I hope that Shivaun will continue to share her enthusiasm and track 
record for excellent contributions and project leadership. 

Let me welcome Lee and Bill as incoming Vice Chair and Secretary and thank 
them, as well, for sustained contribution in the past. 

Soon, we will be updating the PWG web site with information about the new 
officers as well as plans for the upcoming October meeting in Texas. 
Harry Lewis 
Chairman - Printer Working Group
IBM Printing Systems 

don at
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Over the last two weeks, the designated representative from the PWG member
companies have been voting for the officers of the PWG.  These officers 
serve terms through August 31, 2003.  I wish to thank the following 
and their companies for their willingness to serve:

Chair: Shivaun Albright (HP) and Harry Lewis (IBM)
Vice Chair: Lee Farrell (Canon)
Secretary: William Wagner (NetSilicon)

The election is over and effective immediately the following are the new
officers of the PWG:

Chair: Harry Lewis
Vice Chair: Lee Farrell
Secretary: William Wagner

Congratulations to each of them!  I am confident that under their 
leadership the
PWG will continue to move the Printing Industry forward through standards.

* Don Wright                 don at *
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* Chair, IEEE MSC                            *
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