PWG-ANNOUNCE> OpenPrinting WG is standardizing Linux Printing interfaces

PWG-ANNOUNCE> OpenPrinting WG is standardizing Linux Printing interfaces

PWG-ANNOUNCE> OpenPrinting WG is standardizing Linux Printing interfaces

Hastings, Tom N hastings at
Mon Aug 19 16:25:52 EDT 2002

The Free Standards Group ( has approved the
formation of the OpenPrinting WG to develop APIs for printing. (Actually,
the WG has been working on specifications since the Fall of 2001).

The OpenPrinting WG web site says: "Standardizing on a Scalable Print
Environment in Linux".  However, some of the documents are intended to cover
more than just Linux.  

The website for the OpenPrinting WG is currently: 
However, a notice says: 

*** This website is a temporary location for the OpenPrinting. Please stay
connected to or or
to get to the eventual site. ***

The website shows the following task groups and documents:

Current Task Groups:

Job Capabilities 
  Draft v1 
  Jobsets diagram 
Print Driver 
Job Ticketing 
  IPP Object Attributes 
  API Definition v0.4 

Mission Statement

The goal of the OpenPrinting WG is to develop and promote a set of standards
that will address the needs of desktop to enterprise-ready printing,
including management, reliability, security, scalability, printer feature
access and network accessibility. 

My observations:

There are a number of companies involved in the OpenPrinting WG that are
also PWG members (Epson, HP, IBM, Sharp, and Xerox).  However, Ira McDonald,
Peter Zehler, and I are the only individuals that participates in both
groups.  Some of the participants are familiar with IPP, some are not.  I've
indicated that the PWG Semantic model is intended to help harmonize
semantics across various printing standards, such as the ones that the
OpenPrinting WG is working on.  In particular, the OpenPrinting WG Job
Ticket API, Print API (Spooler Task Group), and Capabilities API and the PWG
Semantic Model need to work closely together.  Shawn Pratt, the convenor
from HP, has encouraged the OpenPrinting WG participants to explore the PWG.
In reciprocity, I encourage PWG individuals to participate in the FSG
OpenPrinting WG Task Groups and/or to contact the participants who are from
their own company.  The web site has a way to join each of the various Task
Group Lists and the "Visit Subscriber List" button lets you see who has
joined each list.

Temporarily, the OpenPrinting WG has been using the PWG FTP Server to store
documents at:
xxx=jobticket, spool, cap, architecture, general, and driver

Shawn Pratt is working to setup a document area on Source Forge at which
times the PWG sub-directories will no longer be used.

I also suggest an agenda item be added to the PWG meeting next week in Santa
Fe to put up the OpenPrinting WG web page and make the PWG member aware of
the activities of the OpenPrinting WG.  You can see the state of their
documents on the PWG site.  I'll not be able to attend the meeting in Santa
Fe.  Peter Zehler will be there and can help with the communication.


The OpenPrinting WG holds regular Thursday 8-9 PST teleconferences, and the
individual Task Groups hold separate teleconference.  The jobticket API WG
has Tuesday 4-5 PST telecons.

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From: Shawn Pratt [mailto:Shawn_Pratt at]
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Subject: [printing-announce] OpenPrinting Meeting for 8/15/02 - Live
from LinuxWorld

* Dial-in  : 816.650.0688
* passcode : 9 6 4 6 2 8

Dates:  (* America is in DST time.)

* Starting on 7/11/02, meetings are every Thursday from 8-9 am PST, 9-10 am
MST, 11-12 pm EST.


Agenda for 8/15/02 meeting:

NOTE:  For those who are at LinuxWorld, you can participate in the meeting
face-to-face with others by going to the HP media room (#220) in the Moscone
center (2nd floor).

1.  Update on the announcement of the FSG OpenPrinting WG.  Website is up
and running at

2.  Update from the FSG executive board meeting.

3.  Roundtable from group.
        *  JobTicketing
        *  Spooling
        *  Print Drivers
        *  Capabilities
        *  Overall Architecture

See you tomorrow.

Shawn Pratt

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