PWG-ANNOUNCE> Major revision of ICC Specification

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Major revision of ICC Specification

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Major revision of ICC Specification

Hastings, Tom N hastings at
Tue Jan 22 20:22:01 EST 2002


I went to the web site as Tony suggested and got the following
Major Revision to the ICC Spec:
(ICC.1:2001-12 File Format for Color Profiles) (127 pages) which says it is
a revision of ICC.1:2001-04)

The URL you cited below is for a different document (102 pages), though it
has the same top level sections and appears to be an earlier version:
(ICC.1:2001-04 File Format for Color Profiles)


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Attached is a note I received from Tony Johnson of the International Color
Consortium.  There is a new version of the ICC spec available for public
comment.  Since there may be some PWG members with an interest in this area
are not involved with the ICC, I have forwarded his note to the group.  The
specification itself is currently available from


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Tony Johnson < at> on 01/22/2002
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Subject:  Major revision of ICC Specification

Dear Mr Wright

I am writing to you as Chair of the Printer Working Group, to let you
know that a major revision of the ICC Profile specification is currently
undergoing public review and will shortly be published.  It will be
found on our web-site -  Please bring this to the
attention of the members of your working group and ensure that any
references you make to our specification in your work are to this
revised specification ICC.1:2001-12.

Attached is pdf document summarising the main changes from previous
versions of the specification.  Please let me know if you need this in
any other format, or require any additional information.

Thank you.

Tony Johnson
ICC Technical Secretary

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