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Here is a map to help with the last part.
Alan Berkema

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Just in case someone misunderstands, I believe that it is the Green Line
(going south I would expect) that goes to Douglas/Rosecrans, not the
shuttle. That is, one takes the shuttle to the Metro and the Metro to
Douglas/Rosecrans, and then walk west, perhaps 1/2 mile, to the Hotel, which
is on the left.

William A. Wagner (Bill Wagner)
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If you recall the free shuttle to the Manhattan Beach Marriott from a 
couple years ago... this have been discontinued. The Marriott is close to 
the airport and suggests Taxi service at approx. $12.00-$16.00

For the (extreme) budget minded I find there is a free shuttle ("G") to 
the metro GREEN line which drops you
off within walking distance (depending on size of 
luggage, of course)... if you exit at the 3rd (Douglas/Rosecrans) stop. 
This assumes you manage to get on heading in the right direction ;-). Note - I
haven't tried this (yet) so use at your own discretion! 
Harry Lewis 
IBM Printing Systems 

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