PWG-ANNOUNCE> [PSI]: Next Teleconference 3/5/02

PWG-ANNOUNCE> [PSI]: Next Teleconference 3/5/02

PWG-ANNOUNCE> [PSI]: Next Teleconference 3/5/02

BERKEMA,ALAN C (HP-Roseville,ex1) alan_berkema at
Fri Mar 1 17:36:43 EST 2002

Welcome to PSI, if you would like to join this
group please attend the teleconference.
In the future we will only send this to the ps list.

1) Introductions
2) PSI Overview Presentation
3) Questions

PSI Meeting schedule
Teleconference details 2002:

Date: Tuesdays
      Tuesday February 5 (USA)
      Through April 23 USA)
Time: 8 AM (US PST)
404 774-4112 (T774-4112)
ID: 55605

We will also use an on line tool called webex,
if you have not used this before, setup up by
following the First Time Users instructions.
Do this in advance of the meeting.

For fully interactive meetings, including the ability
to present your documents and applications, a one-time
setup takes less than 10 minutes. Click this URL to set up now:

Then click New User.

On Tuesday use:
Use the info below:
Name: PSI Meeting
Date: 3/5/2002
Time: 8:00AM, (GMT -08:00) Pacific Time, USA & Canada
Meeting Number: 22694237
Meeting Password: mypsi
Alan Berkema

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