PWG-ANNOUNCE> Character repertoires in printers

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Character repertoires in printers

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Character repertoires in printers

Michael Sweet mike at
Mon Oct 21 14:19:20 EDT 2002

ElliottBradshaw at wrote:
 > ...
 > 1.  Is this a problem worth solving?  (vs. vendor-specific solutions)


 > 2.  Should it be treated as part of XHTML-Print, UPnP, or some other
 > group? (as opposed to a separate working group)

Probably as part of an existing group.

 > 3.  Who is interested in participarting, as author or reviewer?

I'd be interested, at least in the reviewer/back-seat-driver role. :)


Some immediate thoughts based on my own experiences, and without
looking at the Bluetooth docos.

1. Aside from the Euro, all printers seem to provide the basic
    Latin characters needed for English and most Western European
    languages.  If you do a language/country-based scheme, it should
    address the presence/absence of the Euro symbol as a separate
    entity. [this doesn't quite sound right to me, but in the context
    of ISO Latin 1 the Euro is a major pain WRT support in printers;
    do with it what you will...]

2. Providing a list of Unicode ranges may be the simplest way
    of reporting what the device supports, and the client can use
    this to choose embedding/exclusion/error display when the
    user prints something.  This needs to be a per-font resource.

3. In addition to or instead of #2, you could define a CSS
    attribute that determines what the device does for characters
    it does not have: exclude (blanks or squares), substitute (from
    another font with the required characters), or error out.

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