PWG-ANNOUNCE> June/July Meeting

PWG-ANNOUNCE> June/July Meeting

PWG-ANNOUNCE> June/July Meeting

Farrell, Lee Lee.Farrell at
Tue Jan 14 15:06:44 EST 2003

June 23 is better for me.
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It was pointed out in December that our current July (14-18 Vancouver, BC) schedule conflicts with an IETF meeting in Vienna. We don't have a great deal of IETF overlap, but we're attempting to avoid the conflict if possible. We tool a poll in December which slightly favored July 21 vs. June 16. During that poll, however, I received feedback that we should look at the week of June 23. I had originally thought that the end of this week was too close to the 4th of July. 

I'll ask one more time - please vote - (no vote = don't care) 

June 23-27 
July 21-25 

I'll tally votes on Jan 16 and this topic will be put to rest at the plenary on Jan 21.   
Harry Lewis 
IBM Printing Systems 
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