PWG-ANNOUNCE> WBMM Activity Startup

PWG-ANNOUNCE> WBMM Activity Startup

PWG-ANNOUNCE> WBMM Activity Startup

Wagner,William WWagner at
Mon Feb 10 17:16:33 EST 2003

The Web Based Monitoring and Management  activity of the PWG has been started up at the January plenary meeting.

Gail Songer has added the WBMM to the PWG web page, and provided a WBMM page with links to the accumulating documentation. The Charter draft, as revised at the January meeting, is at  The minutes for the January WBMM BOF are posted at  <> 

You may subscribe to the WBMM mailing list by sending an e-mail to majordomo at with a blank subject line containing one or more lines resembling:

subscribe WBMM

You will receive a confirmation of your subscription back from the server. 

We are presently in the mode of collecting use cases/scenarios to better understand the various ways in which the web based management is envisioned to be used. Please submit your ideas/requirements to the mail list. When we have a reasonable cross-section, we will start conference calls to further refine and perhaps partition the scope.

William A. Wagner (Bill Wagner) 
Director of Technology 
Imaging Division 
NetSilicon, A Digi International Company


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