PWG-ANNOUNCE> RE: WBMM> summary of the minutes

PWG-ANNOUNCE> RE: WBMM> summary of the minutes

PWG-ANNOUNCE> RE: WBMM> summary of the minutes

Wagner,William WWagner at
Fri Jun 13 15:38:31 EDT 2003

WBMM will meet  Monday morning, with the actual discussion starting a 9AM and probably proceeding through 12:30. Depending upon CR requirements, we may be able to take some time in the early afternoon also.
The agenda is :
    a. soliciting comments on the charter draft, which has been submitted for last call
    b. discuss the use cases that have been developed,
    c. bring the attendees up on what has transpired over the past few months
    d. proceed with discussion of operations
As indicated below, Kelli has provided a good summary of the phone conference discussions for those who have not been able to join in. I would note that virtually nothing to do with operations has been fully agreed to yet. Indeed, I personally still have strong reservations about lumping WBMM reports in with general notification.
I did have some trouble with the using the link directly... but backing off to <>  and then selecting Summary_of_Minutes.pdf appears to work.
We look  forward to  getting more comments.

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As I was preparing for the conference next week by reading over all of the minutes, I realized that it was difficult to discern what decisions we have made thus far.  To facilitate this, I just went through each Minutes document and tried to organize the content into categories like 









I just posted it to the ftp site in case others may find it useful to see where we are to date and how the debate has progressed. <> 






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