PWG-ANNOUNCE> Tues 17 June - good evening music (8:30-11pm)

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Tues 17 June - good evening music (8:30-11pm)

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Tues 17 June - good evening music (8:30-11pm)

McDonald, Ira imcdonald at
Sun Jun 15 17:04:44 EDT 2003

Hi folks,

Downtown Portland on this coming Tuesday night (8:30-11:00pm).

I played regularly for two years with Lorna Miller and also 
quite often with her friend Jason Elton.  All of these folks 
are talented folk singers and world music interpreters.

Highly recommended.

- Ira McDonald
  High North Inc

PS - Give Lorna and Jason my best regards - thanks.

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Subject: Reminder of Songwriter's Roundup and calendar


Hi everybody! This is a two fold message,

1)The Songwriter's Roundup @ Burlingame Acoustic Room(
aka Burlingame Pizza) is this coming Tuesday evening, beginning
at 8:30-11:00 approx. Burlingame is located in Dowtown Portland
on the max tracks, SW 1st and Ash.  A really nice room, comfortable,
pizza, salads, beer and wine AND all ages welcome.  Smoke free.
The line-up for this Roundup is as follows:
Lorna Miller, Jason Elton, Joy Wilson, Henry and Moggy Weeks.
This both an eclectic and very entertaining mix of writers and per-
formers. From roots type to middle-eastern type instrumentals.
Come join us and bring some friends.  Let's fill this place up.

2)I have a site on (go to and in search type
   my name)with updates on my calendar through July.  Visit it as much
   as you like, because it's always changing and tell your friends.  It

Look forward to seeing you at one of the gigs.
Lorna - ljmiller at

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