PWG-ANNOUNCE> FW: IETF BOF Announcement: A Session-based Secu rity Model for SNM P

PWG-ANNOUNCE> FW: IETF BOF Announcement: A Session-based Secu rity Model for SNM P

PWG-ANNOUNCE> FW: IETF BOF Announcement: A Session-based Secu rity Model for SNM P

Wijnen, Bert (Bert) bwijnen at
Fri Nov 7 19:58:11 EST 2003

Ira, I think you are a bit too optimistic here.

First, it is a BOF.

A BOF is NOT a WG and it is to gauge interest in the ideas
and to see if there are enough volunteers to do the required work
and if the work makes sense at all.

Then, Wes is not an IETF AD (at least not that I know of).
But even if he were, the fact that an AD is a co-author or
a BOF chair does not mean that the work just gets accepted.
It all will be based on evaluations and on (rough) consensus.

If the PRINT-MIB people believ that this is important, and if they
believe they want to change all their agents to change/update the
SNMP engines, then they should read the documents, subscribe to the
mailing list and participate.


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> Subject: PWG-ANNOUNCE> FW: IETF BOF Announcement: A Session-based
> Security Model for SNM P
> Hi folks,
> Below is an announcement of an IETF BOF next week on SBSM
> (Session Based Security Model) for SNMPv3, which SOLVES
> the key distribution problem of SNMPv3 by creating real
> sessions between SNMP clients (managers) and SNMP servers
> (devices) using EXISTING native operating system and
> network environment password- and certificate-based
> security.
> The SBSM model is likely to rapidly bring SNMPv3 strong
> security into the mainstream of networked products in
> the coming year.
> The co-chair, Wes Hardaker, is an IETF Area Director and
> the principal author of the Net-SNMP (formerly UCSD-SNMP)
> open software SNMPv3 libraries (also noteworthy).
> The other co-chair, David Perkins, is the well-known
> author of the state-of-the-art SMICng MIB compiler.
> Cheers,
> - Ira 
> Ira McDonald (Musician / Software Architect)
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> From: Wes Hardaker [mailto:hardaker at]
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> Subject: BOF Announcement: A Session-based Security Model for SNMP
> Session Based Security Model for SNMPv3 BOF (sbsm)
> Wednesday, November 12 at 1530-1730
> ==================================
> BOF CHAIRS:	Wes Hardaker <hardaker at>
>                 David Perkins <dperkins at>
>   draft-hardaker-snmp-session-sm-00.txt
>     From the Abstract:
>       This document describes a Session Based Security Model (SBSM)
>       for use within the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).
>       The security model is designed to establish a "session" between
>       two interacting hosts, over which SNMP operations can be sent.
>       It provides a number of security properties not previously
>       available in [currently] defined SNMP security models, such as
>       public key based authentication, limited life-time keying, and
>       the ability to make use of previously implemented and deployed
>       security infrastructures for purposes of identification and
>       authentication.
> Draft agenda for the BOF:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>   Agenda Bashing                              5 min
>   Introduction to the problem space           10 min
>   draft-hardaker-snmp-session-sm-00.txt       20 min
>   Discussion                                  remaining time
> Mailing Lists:
>     sbsm at
>   To (un)subscribe:
>     sbsm-request at
>   Archive and general information:
> Description of Working Group:
>   The SBSM working group will focus on creating a new session-based
>   security model [for SNMPv3] that will meet the security and
>   operational needs of network administrators.
> Work Items
>  - A document describing a session-based security model for the
>    SNMPv3's protocol.
> Goals and Milestones:
>  Mar 04   Initial draft(s) defining the SBSM security model
>           to be completed so reference implementations can begin.
>  Nov 04   Work submitted to the IESG to publish as a proposed 
> standard RFC.
> -- 
> Wes Hardaker
> Sparta

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