PWG-ANNOUNCE> FW: [Printing-architecture] PAPI v0.91

PWG-ANNOUNCE> FW: [Printing-architecture] PAPI v0.91

PWG-ANNOUNCE> FW: [Printing-architecture] PAPI v0.91

McDonald, Ira imcdonald at
Wed Jan 28 18:08:34 EST 2004


Norm Jacobs (Sun) has produced a revised FSG PAPI spec.

- Ira

Ira McDonald (Musician / Software Architect)
Blue Roof Music / High North Inc
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From: Norm Jacobs [mailto:Norm.Jacobs at Sun.COM]
Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2004 4:02 PM
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Subject: [Printing-architecture] PAPI v0.91

For those of you that have been chomping at the bit for an updated PAPI
specification,  Today is your lucky day.  I have placed an updated
version of the PAPI spec on the PWG ftp site.  The document can be found

I tried to incorporate the comments that were in the mail logs and some
additional comments that I received internally.  I did incorporate the
information from the profiles and the capabilities extension documents
from about a year ago.  The Change log at the end of the document
highlights some of the changes that I have incorporated.  There are
still a few formatting and numbering issues that I hope to work out.

Since we have agreed to make an attempt at addressing document support
and more administrative functionality, I know that this is not the last
pre-1.0 revision. Hopefully, it is very close to the last one before
1.0.  Please post any issues, comments, suggestions to the
printing-spool at mail list where they can be discussed,
resolved, and archived.


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